​​​​​​​ ​Breastfeeding Matters in Kamloops

 The Miracle Milk® Stroll is casual walk to highlight the need for Human Donor Milk for at risk infants (premature and ill infants). We stroll with our children, babies, dads, friends, families, grandparents.  Wear a fuchsia or black shirt - optional

Milk from baby's own mother is always best, but when it is not available or not enough, then Human Donor Milk is the next best choice and recommended by the Canadian Pediatric Society.   Donor milk has active beneficial prop

For preterm babies Human Donor Milk:

Reduces NEC (Necrotizing  Enterocolitis) by 79%
Lowers the risk of infection
Helps with brain growth and development
Provides immune protection

“ Knowing that someone had taken the time to pump precious breast milk to share with my family, in a time of need, was the best gift I had ever been given”

The Miracle Milk Stroll is a project of the
 Best for Babes Foundation.

This has grown into a North American event to highlight the need for Human Donor Milk for preterm infants. It takes place in early May.