​​​​​​​ ​Breastfeeding Matters in Kamloops

Our vision is to have breastfeeding mothers and families able to get accurate information and timely support in the hospital, at home, in public places, and at work in order to meet their breastfeeding goals.

Contact us:   info@breastfeedingmattersinkamloops

We strive to provide current, accurate breastfeeding information your family can depend on. We aim to:

  • Serve families as a not-for-profit breastfeeding information website
  • Upload the latest breastfeeding information on our facebook page
  • Promote breastfeeding as the natural way to feed infants and young children
  • Collaborate with other health systems and act as an advocate for change in the community

Our mission

Our Vision

Breastfeeding Matters in Kamloops was started in the 1990s by a group of dedicated health care professionals with a passion for promoting, supporting and protecting breastfeeding in Kamloops. Over the years, the group has grown and now includes: health care professionals from the community and hospitals, midwives, mothers and other community groups.  BMIK has put on educational sessions for health professionals and brought in international speakers.  Each year in October, BMIK celebrates breastfeeding with the world-wide event of the Breastfeeding Challenge:  to have the most number of babies latched on at the same time in the same location.  

​Last year was the first time that BMIK participated in the world-wide event: theMiracle Milk Stroll.  This is a public information walk to promote the use of Donor Human Milk for preterm infants.  We plan to make this a yearly event.